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I cannot stand Love It or List It.  It is predictable and quite frankly those 2 people just get on my last nerve.


My favorite show on HGTV is Home Town.  Trying to get into Good Bones.  It is growing on me.  I can do without the rest of HGTV.  I miss the former HGTV.  I loved House Crashers and Yard Crashers, I loved Design on a Dime (those might have been DIY) I miss the crafting shows.    I am over the "Flipping" shows.

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I still like HGTV although not as much as I used to.  My favorite show is Good Bones and I also like and watch Flip or Flop & House Hunters (Including International).  The rest I can't stand for one reason or another and don't watch them.

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The HGTV app has the classics available to watch:


Explore Our Collection Of Classics

Catastrophe Inc., All episodes
Color Splash, All episodes
Dear Genevieve, All episodes
Design on A Dime, All episodes
Extreme Homes, Season 1-3
Garden by the Yard, Season 18-19
My First Place, All episodes
Interiors Inc., Season 1
Selling New York, Season 1-3
Selling LA, Season 1-4
Property Virgins, Season 10-15
If Walls Could Talk…, Season 16-20

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I wish that HGTV could figure out a better way to do the descriptive narration for visually impaired folks.  The way it is now, it's intrusive & annoying & the narration is louder than the regular dialogue.