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Did a partial Disney childhood movie marathon

My background noise yesterday p.m.  while I crocheted yesterday.  Snow White was fun. Today, I want to hear the music of Mary Poppins.


Taking a break from You Tube, and all other that was background noise.  LOL

I spent no money, didn't eat, my hands were busy.  Oh, and I even took a nap in my chair.  This week I seem to nap in my chair. LOL  This must be what the 70's bring.  Naps for the group.  


Naps are good.  My MIL use to take one every afternoon because she too got up really early.  So.  


Any other nappers here too?


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Re: Did a partial Disney childhood movie marathon

Sounds like a wonderful day. That is what I always wanted to do on my birthday. To take the day off and just do whatever I wanted to do. Hasn't happened yet but it is so good to hear that you spent the day doing whatever you wanted to do.


Naps are good to refresh you. But I find sometimes if I take a nap, then I don't fall asleep at night. If I don't take naps, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.


And it is so nice to refresh your memory by watching a Disney movie. I do that every once in awhile too. I am amazed how well Snow White was made, all by hand painting every cell. 

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Re: Did a partial Disney childhood movie marathon

I think that's great that you had Snow White on in the background!  Those were the best feel good films ever made.   I used to enjoy watching many of them when my kids were young.   As far as being a napper, I generally am not.  The only time I will nap is if I am not feeling well.  I am early to bed and early to rise, but my 2nd mug of coffee helps me get through the day.   Enjoy Mary Poppins as "just a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way" !!  Smiley Happy   Now I will be singing that all day long.