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What a wonderful actor.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.  RIP

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I also had a childhood UNCLE crush on him.  


A role he played that always stuck with me was Gwyllm Griffiths in the Outer Limits episode, The Sixth Finger.


The Sixth Finger (1963)

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I remember him too in Man From Uncle with his boyish good looks ... RIP



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He aged very, very well. He didn't look different in NCIS than he did in U.N.C.L.E.

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Enjoyed the 60's series.  Seemed like a nice guy.  A nice passing for a nice guy too.   

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The Great Escape (1963) - Illustrated Reference | HubPages


He was a wonderful addition to the tremendous cast of The Great Escape.

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His first wife was Jill Ireland.

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I remember him well. R.I.P. to a man who handled the adversities and betrayal in his life with grace.

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@avid shopper wrote:

Super sad to hear this. Always loved him thru the years. 


I was nuts about Man From Uncle and Illya Kuryakin!  My girlfriend and I used to "play" Man From Uncle and used "Flair" pens as our "communicators".  OMG!  Well I was 10. 


Sorry to hear about David McCallum's passing.


@avid shopper  , I played The Man From U.N.C.L.E. too when I was a kid, using a pen as the communicator - it's nice to know others did that too.  "Open Channel D".

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Rest In Peace, David Keith McCallum, September 19, 1933 to September 25, 2023