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Don't remember about acting on Man from Uncle but I do remember he was solo handsome.

Always lived him in NCIS.  So endearing.  Saddened he will not be on next season. 

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David was such a wonderful actorI


Ilya will live on in my memory as will David who always seemed like such a kind and sweet gentleman.


He always carried himself with dignity and kindness. His first wife Jill Ireland left him for Charles Bronson who famously told David he was going to marry his wife. And did. Not long ago, an interviewer asked him about it. He simply said that if things hadn't happened, he would not have met and married his second wife Katherine to whom he was happily married for 56 years.


May he rest in peace.




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Ilya Kuryakin and Napoleon Solo. My two favorite spies. 

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Super sad to hear this. Always loved him thru the years. 


I was nuts about Man From Uncle and Illya Kuryakin!  My girlfriend and I used to "play" Man From Uncle and used "Flair" pens as our "communicators".  OMG!  Well I was 10. 

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I thought he was so se*xy in the Man from Uncle!!!  Very sad.  I can't believe he was 90.  So many people loved him as Ducky in NCIS but I never saw him in that.  

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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Rest in peace, Illya Kuryakin.

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a lit candle with the words rip rest in peace
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RIP David McCallum Heart

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As wireless operator Harold Bride in A Night to Remember, 1958:




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I remember him from Man From Uncle ... RIP David