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Re: Dark Shadows !!!

@lmt wrote:

I remember lots of bloopers - walls that would wobble, actors forgetting their lines and improvising or looking at the cue cards, once in awhile you'd hear something crash on stage, lots of times you'd see the boom mike on camera.

Good times😃

I think their budget was $7.53 per episode. 🤣

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Re: Dark Shadows !!!

Count me in with the group that rushed out of school!  I was in 4th grade and had a girlfriend who lived across the street from our school, but at the far end of the ball field.  A few of us would watch at her house before going the rest of the way home.  

As a rule, I am usually disappointed in remakes.  On their own, they may be very good, but for me, remakes never measure up to the originals.  The originals could even be awful, but the feelings and memories they call to mind can't be replicated by a program remake.  JMO

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Re: Dark Shadows !!!

I too rushed home from school each day to watch the show.