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Just read there will be no spring season for DWTS.  But they will return in the fall.   Maybe this will help to bring back the better days of that show! 

Do you think this might be the beginning of the end?


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I think that's very possible.  They still have some members on tour.  While I enjoy watching the pros dance, the rest of the show has tanked.  There are no real stars to speak of.  Every cast has the same content:  reality show person, Disney channel person, sports figure, former Olympian, someone with a disability, someone outrageous or obnoxious, a soap star,and a past star.  The judges have gotten too full of themselves and not way too much camera time.


The voting has become a popularity contest. Going back to the beginning, we got to see celebrities without dance training work to get better and perform.  It's just not the same show anymore.

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I hope not, because I still enjoy the show and have watched from the beginning.  It may be due to the fiasco of the last season when Bobby Bones won.  Viewers complained on social media that they would no longer watch.  It was unfair that the best dancer (forget his name - Juan....) got voted off the previous week.  Also last spring's all athletes season was awful.  


They need to do something and adjust the scoring process.



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The show has run its course several seasons ago. They are beating a dead horse, let it go. 

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I'm really disappointed, but I'll wait for the Fall.


I'm wondering if they're going to re-think the voting system.  I know a lot of people were upset because Bobby won, but the show has never been about the best dancer winning.  I'm okay with that.  I enjoy the entertainment factor of the whole season.

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I love the show. I think they are trying to change & update the show. To see what works best.

I don't really see why anyone would be upset about Bobby Bones winning. That is the silliest thing to me.

He worked incredibly hard to improve through the season & did every move that Sharna threw at him.

No. He was not a natural dancer, but he did do every dance move. Never complained. Wore any costume they gave him. 

I enjoy seeing the variety of stars they bring on. I get to see people that maybe I knew & loved in the past. I meet new "stars".

I think it's a fun, entertainment show. That mirror ball isn't really a great prize. There is no million dollar prize. It's just entertainment.

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I really enjoyed it when Derek Hough and his sister were on the show. I have watched it in passing from time to time, but not a priority.

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I believe this decision occured right after the last season when Mr. Bones won.  Many people were I heard upset because he won.  Well, this show was supposedly decided on viewer votes and if that was the case and viewers voted for him --- then so be it.  However, it did seem that the system for voting in this show was not always what it should be and they did not seem to stick to the defined rules.  I believe that if possible, the competition should be for people who have no professional dance experience.  It's hardly fair to put those with no professional dance experience against others who have been dancing in shows professionally, etc.  I do enjoy watching the show and have watched it since the beginning.  My favorite judge is Len --- he is by far the best and is old school.  


Let's hope they re-tool the judging system and come back stronger and better!  

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I will decide after I watch this coming Fall. I have watched from the 2nd season on and my mom and I call each other and compare.....I still enjoy it, but would like to see them tweak the judging process. The judges should each get one save for the season, like they used to do on Idol, or maybe they still do since I no longer watch that show...


I enjoyed last season, but felt that Grocery Store Joe should have gone home way earlier than he did...

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@CANDLEQUEEN  I went to the live show (which was amazing!) hoping to see Bobby or Milo. I got Grocery Store Joe. He did not dance. Just did a bit of introducing acts.