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@Goodie2shoes - Nice recap! Olivia Jade is Lori Loughlin's younger daughter, the social influencer who got into USC when her parents paid to have her admitted. Then Olivia made it clear she might not have time to go to classes because of her social obligations. She lost some of those after the scandal, but Hollywood is forgiving and she might have some of them back. IDK!  Smiley Wink

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@Venezia @I record every show I want to see.


That way I can fast forward over any parts I don't like.


I can also stop it, move on to another show and come back if and when I want to.

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I forgot it started already, September has passed too quickly for me to keep up!  I will be watching from now on.  I love any form of dance, it's my favorite thing to do.  I go to You Tube quite often just to watch the dancing videos.  One I really like and watch every so often is old movie stars dancing to Uptown Funk.  The editing really sets the dancing with the beat.

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I dvr it, hopefully I'll forget Tyra's name too, lol.  Some really good dances for night one. I want to see a competiton.

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I record it and watch it later.  That way I can fast forward through the judges comments, the host talking and just watch the dancing.  As the season progresses I listen to the scores.  

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All the dances are posted on YouTube. I watch ones I’m interested in and avoid all the drama and commentary. Started doing this last year, works for me.
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As I've said every season of DWTS FOR THE LAST well, maybe fourteen seasons or so- 


Who ARE these people??? 

Stars? Hmmm......

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JoJo needs to tone it down.  She's way too dominant and overshadowing the professional she was paired with.  She's taller, louder and obviously used to being in charge.  When her partner slipped she lied without skipping a beat to the judges that it was a dip and choreographed.  Her ability to lie so smoothly was a turn off as if the judges would really believe her bull yet she has so much bravado and is so loud one could easily have said ok, maybe it was a choreographed dip.  Can't wait to see her go but something tells me she'll win.  Cat Sad

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@Goodie2shoes wrote:

Well I watched and if you haven't watched yet please pass over my critique.

First thing I noticed that Len Goodman is back, and Bruno has lost weight !. Carrie and Derek are also back for the season. Tyra looks like she has gained a little weight in the hips and I did not like that dress or the hairdo, she is a beautiful woman and could have done better but I think she is ok as a host.  Cheryl Burke is back as a dance partner and she appears to have had some sort of cosmetic surgery maybe ? she looks a little different.


Now for the dancers

1. Spice girl Melanie  (I wasn't a fan but didn't dislike them) she was good

2. The Miz www wrestler (not familiar with him) he was very good and I enjoyed watching him, very pumped up and funny

3. Iman Shumpert (basketball player) I don't watch basketball but I loved his dancing, very good !  one of my favorites !  Len Goodman gave him a 4 and that was  Ridiculous !!!  he only ended up with 21 points !

4. Olivia Jade  I don't know who she is but she was ok

5. Jimmy Allen (Country music singer) he was pretty good

6. Melora Hardin  never heard of her but she was ok

7. Suni Lee (Olympic  gold medal gymnastics) very good, first highest score of the night 28 out of 40

8. Cody Rigsby fitness guru  was ok, no big deal

9. Amanda Kloots co host of The Talk (lost her husband to covid last year. young couple) She did well and got the next score of 28 out of 40

10. Martin Kove ( actor) He is 74 ! He should have stayed home, he didn't do anything ! his partner did all of the dancing he just kinda followed her around the stage so funny and the judges noted his dance inabilities, they laughed at him. His score was 13

11. Kenya Moore Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was very good and scored 26 of 40

12. Christine Chiu ( not familiar with her) she did well

13. Matt James ( The Bachelor) he was ok, such a tall drink of water ! handsome young man scored 24

14. Brian Austin Green ( 90210 actor) his girlfriend Sharna is his partner. He did ok

15. JoJo Siwa Pop Star  first time same sex dance partner . They did ok but her partner slipped during the dance. They were given the highest score of the night 29 !   ( and her partner slipped during the dance !)  I don't think that was fair, JMO

So that's my take on the first night.

@Goodie2shoes Great Recap! So who do you think will be voted off first? Martin Kove?

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Hopefully Martin will go...that was painfull to watch.