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I did like Johnny Weir and actually voted for him.  Justina was my favorite because of her enthusiasm.  I did not really expect her to win.


Judging based on personality, I would have chosen Nev over the Bachelorette.


Just glad that the winner was based on talent.


I absolutely love Derek Hough and always have.  I know that the props for his performance wee a message, but did not care for them.  Howeveer, his dance was great as always. 

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Seems that ABC takes care of their own.  I watched off and on and knew enough about Kaitlyn to realize she has dance experience and her mother owned/owns a dance studio.  Johnny Weir's interview was truthful and he told it like it is.  Don't blame him one bit.  



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While I was extremely disappointed with the outcome of last night's show what was even more disheartening was seeing Justina coming in at fourth place.  How in the world could she has placed below Nelly?  


There's no doubt in my mind that Nev should have won.  I didn't care for Kaitlyn at all and that might have colored my view of her dancing but nevertheless Nev was a much better dancer and an all around better performer.



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J Town Girl- I totally agree with everything you wrote. I'll just add that I loved Derek's dance number. Also, I think I'll just check-in from time to time next season if Tyra is again the host & Len is back as a judge....that's if there's a next season because this season was a huge disappointment. Although I did enjoy watching most of the talented dancers & Bruno & Derek as the judges.

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@MamaWick wrote:

So I decided to watch the finale.  My DH said Tyra was wearing a blue Swiffer duster.



Your DH NAILED IT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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@J Town Girl I totally agree. I remember Justina from the last season of ER, she was great. I loved watching her, she can dance and has a wonderful personality.


I thought Nev should have won. Never watched his show but loved seeing him and his partner dance!


Never liked Kaitlyn and thought the show she was on is stupid!


I also can't believe Justina and her partner were 4th.


Please God, get rid of Tyra next season!!

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@deeW wrote:

The wrong person won.  She could definitely dance but she doesn't have the heart and soul of Nev.  A plastic person. Probably groomed originally for pagaents and then moved into reality TV.


As a former fashion model I don't know how Tyra can imagine she looks good in most of the stuff she wears..........better to call them costumes I think.  


Ballroom dancing is formal and dignified and fun at the same time.  Tom and Erin kept to this attitude with a sense of humor along the way.  That was sadly missing this season.  Wonder what Len would have thought if he had been on the panel????  Time to say bye bye Tyra.  Go find a show better suited to your "talents".  One that can be all about you.  Or, go read Alex Trebek's definition of a host and maybe you'll see why so many people won't be watching if you're the host of this show again.



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Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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Re: Dancing Finale

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Nev was robbed!!! 


As I predicted ABC took care of "their own".......  Kaitlyn is a "celebrity wanna be" all the way....SMH


And I coudlnt believe that Justina was cut before Nelly---COME ON!!!  


Cant stand Tyra...and with these results may never watch this show again....Woman Frustrated


Derek's dance was EXCELLENT!

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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@threecees wrote:

Well it started out with Tyra in the biggest blue dress ever. Yikes!

Then on to another and a other. 


Derek's dance was fun.


Everyone's 1st dance was really good.

Nelly's ok, got a 27 to the others 30.


But his freestyle was not good, yet got a 30. Daniella was spinning

and spinning and for a second or two, he just stood there.


Rooting for Nev or Kaitlyn.

@threecees I so agree about Nelly's freestyle- he hardly danced!! I kept thinking it was  me- with my minimal knowledge ot the hip hop rap genre. I got to thinking he might actually win! Woman Frustrated

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Maybe good news! DWTS has NOT been renewed for season 30. It hasn't been cancelled, either, as things are up in the air. 


Maybe with everyone disliking Tyra Banks, the PTB will let the show quietly go away. It's past its prime, anyway and is  living on life support. 

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