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@Wsmom I'm in WA state so not on here yet either.


I watched a few times this year, haven't watched in many years, cuz I like AJ McLean.


I don't think Weir deserved to get as far as he did, frankly.


A sore loser is something that, as a kid, we were told was a shameful thing to be. It still is.

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@Jordan2 wrote:

So, I'm not so happy with the results, someone was robbed, that's all I'm saying.

IMO this show "jumped the shark" a long time ago. I posted on another thread who would win when the show started. ABC takes care of their own.


I didn't watch much of this season, but I did see the dances tonight.  Smiley Wink

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I recorded the finale and fast-forwarded through most of it, just watching the actual dances and a bit of the judges' comments.  I absolutely cannot listen to Tyra Banks.


As for her outfits tonight...well.  I didn't think she could get more ridiculous, but she did.  That first blue number; then the silly halo of stars around her head and finally whatever that black and silver sequin thing was?  I've said it in threads about this before, but I definitely won't watch another season, if she's going to be the host.


I was glad for the profession dancer who won.  They all work hard and it's nice for them to have a win.


And I loved Derek's dance; he's so talented and original with his choreography.  I watched him twice and still managed to get through the show in record time by skipping all the other chatter.

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This is the first year I've watched this show and will probably be the last. I think the woman that won was an over the top drama queen with modest talent. 

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I was very disheartened this season.  Tyra absolutely ruined the show for me.  Last night she even more ridiculous - between her outfits and dumb interviews, if she's the host next year, I won't watch.  


I'm disappointed in the winner.  I defintely think #2 should have won.  



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I also thought #2 should have won .... I was just beyond suprised

Johnny didn't do better .. with his skating training I thought he

would be a natural at dancing ....

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I made the comment "As long as Nelly doesn't win, I'm fine with whoever does"


Tyra's first outfit was HORRIBLE.  Whoever said it looked like a swiffer duster was spot on. 


I always love the freestyles.  They are so much fun to watch and I thought each one of them reflected the person very well.

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The wrong person won.  She could definitely dance but she doesn't have the heart and soul of Nev.  A plastic person. Probably groomed originally for pagaents and then moved into reality TV.


As a former fashion model I don't know how Tyra can imagine she looks good in most of the stuff she wears..........better to call them costumes I think.  


Ballroom dancing is formal and dignified and fun at the same time.  Tom and Erin kept to this attitude with a sense of humor along the way.  That was sadly missing this season.  Wonder what Len would have thought if he had been on the panel????  Time to say bye bye Tyra.  Go find a show better suited to your "talents".  One that can be all about you.  Or, go read Alex Trebek's definition of a host and maybe you'll see why so many people won't be watching if you're the host of this show again.

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In past seasons each couple that was voted off got one last dance together. Why were the couple's even there, they didn't get to dance ( I guess because of COVID-19 and going home to their regular lives before the finale)?

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I thought Nev was the best dancer, but my heart was pulling for Justina because her dancing and personality won me over.  The best part of the show for me though was Derek's dance.  Such talent!