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I just saw that Jojo Siwa & Suni Lee will be on the new season.

Jojo (Of Dance Moms show & the Jojo bows.) will be the first person to dance with a same sex partner. She came out as homosexual earlier this year.

Suni Lee is an Olympic Gold medal winner for gymnastics.

The complete cast will be announced on GMA on Sept 8.

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I think this is a ploy to gain ratings. Just because one of the dancers is gay doesnt  mean his or her dance partner has to be gay too.  There have been many gay participants on the show over the years. 

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@Dusty1 Don't know if I will watch but am a huge fan of Sunisa Lee! May watch to see her.

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I won't be watching. 

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I have finally given up on this show. I rarely know the so called stars. I'll watch reruns of Andy Griffith instead.

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I won't be watching either. 

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IMHO, although I have watched since season 1, this show has jumped the shark.  I will pass.  

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I did not even know this show was still on!

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Re: DWTS Sept 2021

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I won't be watching. 

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I stopped watching several seasons ago.  It's basically the same cast types every year.  Someone from pro sports, the Disney channel, an Olympian,  an older person, and people I've never even heard of. Plus the judges have become too over the top.


Now, if Maks and Val had their own show.....just dancing, no judging, I'd watch.  Instead, I'll be watching PBS.