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That was the best show they ever put on since they been on t.v.

the opening dance was epic.that was an awesome night.

Frankie Avalon nade my night.Still cant beleive  Tyra  Banks

never saw Grease until saturday..what planet  is she on.

the  results were just awful america sure got it wrong.

what a night.

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Great show last night, but AMERICA, you got it WRONG, those two couples shouldn't have been in the bottom two! 

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I loved Grease night.  I loved all the songs, the costumes, the music, Frankie Avalon.  


I'm shocked who was in the bottom 2 last night.  I really don't like the judges making the decision.  Len looked so irritated with Tyra.  She is absolutely the worst host.  


I'm so happy that Kenya was saved first.  She's been in the bottom 2 twice.  Her dance last night was amazing

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Last night's show was fantastic!  I agree that America definitely got it wrong and those two remaining couples should not have been in the bottom.  Olivia was great and Mel improved.  This happens so often when good dancers are sent packing and the not so good remain.

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I was thinking the same thing, best show ever, or at least in a long time. Maybe because I knew all the songs. Usually at least half of the show is more for a younger audience, and I fall asleep by the end of show and don't bother to rewatch on DVR. I enjoyed it right til the end. Even Len was back to his old self! If only Tom was there . I like Tyra, but Tom was the best ever.

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I actually found myself enjoying last night's show - probably because I love "Grease" and loved hearing all the songs.  I still fast-forwarded through most of the chatter though.


No way should those two couples have been in the bottom two, however.


And I'm never going to be a fan of Tyra.  That first outfit she came out in looked ridiculous on her and I can't see any reason she needs to change during the show.  But at least she's got it down to two outfits now, instead of the three she used to do.

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I watched the first half, but I was so tired I had to go to bed. I will finish it today.

I loved the theme last night. Almost as much as I hated Britney Spears night. That woman has the best PR person on the planet.

And, I have tried from the beginning to give Tyra some support & not judge her too quickly. She is terrible as the host on DWTS. There. I said it. I feel sort of bad to join the crowd, but it is true. The outfits are horrendous & for no reason at all should she need more than 1 per show. She is terrible. Not as a person, but definitely as the host of Dancing.

I still enjoy the show. I have great respect for the dancers, the costume people, the makeup people, the wig people, the special effects people (Except for the continuous loud clapping from an audience that isn't there.), the musicians, the choreographers, the lighting people, the people that have to sweep up all of that confetti, the judges...maybe Tyra if she would take a step or 10 back.

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I know Len is the head judge, but why does he get the final say so? There are three other judges, either it will be unanimous or majority rules, two votes to one. I was hoping the other couple would be saved. 

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The way the voting went  america got it wrong again.I feel america should

not  do any voting and leave the results to the judges. I think we are going to 

get another Bobby  Bones this year  because I heard the basketball  player

got the most votes.he has a huge fan base.

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I never thought America should vote. Should only be the judges. I like Len although I haven't watched in years.