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DECEPTION - Who's watching this NBC drama?

Nearly two months ago NBC launched DECEPTION, a drama centering on NYPD Detective Joanna Locasto who goes undercover to solve the murder of her childhood friend Vivian Bowers, a hard-partying heiress. As the maid's daughter, Joanna grew up in the home of the wealthy and powerful Bowers, a family that made their fortune in the pharmaceutical industry.

DECEPTION boasted a cast of beautiful people and such talented actors as Victor Garber, John Laroquette and Tate Donovan.

It was obvious from the outset that this was intended to be NBC's answer to REVENGE and ABC's SCANDAL, but DECEPTION missed the mark in the first five episodes. I was just about to give up on it when I inadvertently recorded Episode 6, in which multiple explosive and potentially devastating long-buried Bowers family secrets came spilling out. Suddenly, I was hooked again.

Is anyone else watching DECEPTION? What's your opinion of the storyline about Vivian's real parents? Edward's past transgressions (shades of the real Martha Moxley murder) and the ethically challenged, opportunistic former D.A., now Senator Dwight Haverstock and his bombshell newsflash for Mia?