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@Oznell   Do you know what was wrong w/DM wify #1 for the judge to award him full custody of 4 children?  Highly unusual & unheard of at the time.

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Dean Martin's daughter made a documentary about her Dad. It was shown a year  or so on TCM. I think the title was " Dean Martin, King of Cool".

It was so good to hear her talk about the documentary.


I had also read an article years ago about how the death of his son affected Dean Martin. He wasn't the same. I remember that he would eat dinner out at one certain restaurant. And he had let his appearance change and his interaction with people. It was so sad to read.

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Awe. Lovely photos. DH spent quite a bit of time hanging out with Dino and in the 70s. He knew him through family. He has nothing but nice things to say about him.
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Great family photo!!!!!  That's Amore, Return to Me and Sway have been and still are my most favorite of Dean's songs.  My dad passed in 1965 at age 51 and when I hear Sway my memories go directly to him.  He had many friends and when they would get together back in the fifties music always played, lots of Italian songs and Sway by Dino, who was a favorite singer,  won me over as a young girl.  To this day tears still come to my eyes when I hear that Dean Martin song and memories of my dad and his many friends take me back.

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@Mz iMac wrote:

@Oznell   Do you know what was wrong w/DM wify #1 for the judge to award him full custody of 4 children?  Highly unusual & unheard of at the time.

The wife at the time turned to alcohol after losing her husband to another woman. Plus the birth of their child.  It caused her to lose custody of her kids. Dean was so upset, he cut off her alimony.  He was a great father to his kids.  But not so good as a husband.  He wasn't very faithful toward his 3 wives.

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He was  funny guy also, i always enjoyed seeing him, and the night he ran jumped on the piano,on carson show.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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thanks @Oznell  for posting the photos,  I didn't realize he had that many children I only knew of Dina and Dean Paul the whole family is so good looking ,  of course with Dean as there father now could they not be .   I always adored him and his voice is just so romantic ,and wonderful !  He sure was very , very handsome even as he aged .   From that era I feel he had the very best voice of All !   love his music.   

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@Oznell - Thank you for the thread and the pictures!



I remember watching his show once in a while with my grandmother. He always seemed drunk, and she said it was an act. He was really drinking water.




When I was a little older I became interested in the stories about the "Rat Pack." I still try to read everything I can about them. I love stories about old Hollywood! Anyway, of course they all had a reputation. I remember reading Sammy Davis Jr. - I think  - being asked about it. He said something like after the show he, Frank, and Joey all went out, but Dean always went back to his room, ordered a glass of milk, and called Jeannie! 



My late brother went to college in West Virginia. One time we visited he took us to a late dinner in Steubenville, Ohio, which wasn't far. It was a questionable place, but the food was good. The owner came over and told us stories about Dean. His picture was on the wall. Apparently he was a really nice guy.  Smiley Happy