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What a sweet picture.  Always thought that Dean Martin had the most adorable family:


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The four oldest children were with his first wife, Betty McDonald--  Craig, Claudia, Gail and Deana.  ( Edited to add--  Oops, knew I'd screw up -- I misspelled Deana's name as "Dina".  Correction made.) 


With his second wife, Jeanne Biegger,  he had Dean Paul Jr., Ricci, and Gina.  He also had sole custody of the first four.


He had his last child with final wife, Catherine Hawn, when he adopted her daughter from a previous marriage, Sasha Martin, when she was a little girl.  Love the way she is looking up at him:


Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 8.47.49 PM.png


I don't know much about any of them, but Deana always seems charming, intelligent and bubbly in interviews.  She's now in her mid seventies.  She followed her father into performing, as did some of the others.


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Most people know of the tragedy of his son Dean Paul's death in a plane crash;   Dean was said never to be the same afterwards.  


His oldest son, Craig, is still very much alive at 81.   I don't think I had seen him before.


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I remember his TV variety show.  

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What a terrific post!  I always loved ❤️ Dean Martin.  So much of his life that I didn't even know about.  
I didn't know he had so many children lol, much less full custody of the first four.
The only wife I remembered was Jeannie too.


I really enjoyed reading your post and the pictures are great!  Thanks 😊💝🌸

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This brought back memories. I remembered much of what you posted. They were a good looking bunch!

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I hadn't thought about him in a long time and don't ever recall seeing his family. They are a good looking bunch. Thanks for posting these @Oznell

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Dean Martin was a cool dude. 

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@Oznell   Do you know what was wrong w/DM wify #1 for the judge to award him full custody of 4 children?  Highly unusual & unheard of at the time.

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I adored Dean Martin. He was the absolute best! 

I've got one of his records on right now...

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I loved him!  He was so charming and his music was and is so cool!  He had a gorgeous family.  His son was so handsome and I do remember hearing that this just destroyed Dean.  My mother absolutely adored him, as well.  

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what a good looking family!