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With no DVD in yet, Saturday night tv has to be one of the worst times for me!  I already pull up past episodes of Blue Bloods and Chicago Fire or       C. Police.


I didn't want espionage or that area!


I tried Netflix on our tv and ran over one that was just enjoyable and cute!


"For Love Or Money" was filmed in 1993 but you'd never know it!

Michael J Fox is a hotel concierge.  Issac Mizrahi is in it a little!  


It was a great choice if you're looking for something entertaining!

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i will check it out. i'm with you about saturday nite tv. i started watching a series on netflix, called Virgin River. it's a little Hallmarkish, but so far i like it. binged 3 episodes!

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@10sluvr  I watched the entire show of Virgin River.  I liked it very much too!  The Komensky Method (Michael Douglas) is also very good.    And the Last Kingdom's next season starts tonight, if you like that stuff.  I do, Uhtred is as handsome as Jamie in Outlander!  Great stuff Smiley Happy     Keeping me entertained.

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i read virgin river, is getting a second season!