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Re: Criminal Minds Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!

@aggravated, that's the very reason that I stopped watching a few seasons ago.  In the beginning, it was a must see show for me.  I'm really sad that I won't me able to watch Alex Rodriguez, though.  Love him as an actor.

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Re: Criminal Minds Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!

Just watched last nights premier episode and wow it was another dark one, too many twists going on. I wounder when Emily Prentis's character will be brought back into the show.

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Re: Criminal Minds Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!

They can't write the show unless it has 'ugliness'.  That's why they have to get into the minds of these messed up people.


I guess I'm in the minority because I don't care a lot for Alex.  I just don't think he's good in this.  I'm trying to keep an open mind, but.......


I still watch all of the old CSI Miami (he's in those).  Maybe I'd like him better without the beard.


I think Criminal Minds (the premise of it) is a show you either want to watch because you understand what the shows about or prefer not to watch it.  I don't know how (considering the subject matter) how they could make it much different.


As far as so much violence against women, I think this show does a better job of showing some balance more than most of them.  That said, I would guess (it seems to me) that most violence is often against women.  UNFORTUNATELY.


I don't like the changes, and am not sure I'm going to continue watching it.  I've watched it since the first show and never missed an episode.

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Re: Criminal Minds Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!

Alex Rodriguez is a former Yankee baseball player commonly known as AROD. Adam Rodriquez is the actor from CSI Miami and Criminal Minds.

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Re: Criminal Minds Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!

Since I am an ID addict, I don't mind the gore on this show as it is fake. The gore on ID is real. I will probably watch some new episodes but not all. As for Adam, he was pretty good Wed. and I do like the beard. I am a beard lover anyway. I will just wait and see what comes next.

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Re: Criminal Minds Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!

@Night Owl in NJ wrote:

It used to be my favorite show but some episodes are so horrifying and violent I just couldn't watch them!


@Night Owl in NJ


Yeah .... some people like that, but I think this show has run its course.