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Re: Crazy Rich Asians

@Alison Wonderland, I am on the library waiting list for the first book..since I haven’t read the book yet, I just thought it odd with all the “family” connections, that the Nick’s Father didn’t make it home for the wedding..we just assumed he was away making more billions! 

I read that the movie sequel is being filmed now..looking forward to seeing it!


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Re: Crazy Rich Asians

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We just saw 'Crazy Rich Asians' on Saturday night. Cute, entertaining movie with fabulous scenery, enjoyable music for our ages, costumes and set designs were well executed, acting was even nicely done, script was predictable and had reminders of 'Joy Luck Club' (which I had read many years ago). Good way to spend a couple of hours, laughing, remembering life's lessons (often learned painfully), and a good old-fashioned romatic comedy. My friend (male) and I enjoyed it equally, which is unusual for us!


ETA: One of my close friends is American/Asian. She has always talked about her mother in negative ways. After seeing this movie, I completely understand the mother-daughter issues they had. Prior to Saturday night, I thought my friend was being sarcastic. No, the movie depicted exactly what my friend has talked about over 55 years! Gave me a new perspective of her relationship with her mother . . . and why she wouldn't take friends home with her. (Honestly, I'm grateful she didn't. It would have been too uncomfortable for us from real "comfortable" families to bear!) We all knew she was extremely weathy, but she didn't flaunt it and we were all raised NOT to talk about finances. Guess her upbringing was really different and she longed to be like US! Can't wait to talk in-depth with her . . . and apologize for being so naive about her position in society.