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This movie premiered on HBO last night, I really enjoyed it. They called it an Asian rom-com. I am not Asian and I rarely watch romantic comedies but this movie was well- done with lots of the Singapore sights.

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I watched it too, and really enjoyed it.

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I read the book.  Neither the book nor the movie kept my attention.  Donated the book to the library.

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The movie scenery was awesome.  Liked the movie!   


Then read book, and didn’t like it so much.  Usually, I always prefer the book to the movie.  It was the opposite, this time. 

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DH & I saw it in the movies 🎥 when it first came out. Loved it!!

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I've never seen this movie but a friend really liked it. She saw at the movie theatre when it first came out. I'm sure I'll eventually watch.

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Loved it .

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I read the book first and then saw the movie. I enjoyed both but thought that the movie left out some of the important back stories of some of the characters. I was glad that I had read the book first. The scenery was beautiful.

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I watched it and I liked it a lot, will be  watching again Smiley Very Happy

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Loved the movie so much that we borrowed the CD from the library and watch it a second time

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