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Pharmaceutical commercials were the biggest mistake ever. Who in their right mind would want to take some of these medications after hearing the side effects? You take a pill for psoriasis but you may end up with brain cancer?  

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Those Stop & Shop commercials featuring that annoying lady making punny remarks to customers:  "Just trying to save you some 'green.' and "No bones about it," to name a couple.

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I hate the carseat ad with different aged girls. They're "dancing" which is cute for the baby. The last two girls just look awkward and weird. It's silly that it bugs me, but it does. I know the law states that children up to a certain age are supposed to be in a carseat. Maybe that's done in other parts of the country, but I've never seen anyone in my area (or in my travels) putting 10-year-olds in carseats.

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There's so many I don't like that I DVR every thing and ff past them. But, I see a few that are so bad I'm surprised they're still being played. The car named BRAD is the most annoying! I also don't like the couple's in bed with the KY jelly and others embarrassing to see if teens or kids are around. The double chin commercial bothers me as I've hated mine since highschool and it's only worse now that I'm older.