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One of the radio stations here started Christmas music the day after Halloween so I chose to listen to it when I'm in the car.  I really like that station and I'm happy I can listen to it again.  I don't watch a lot of Lifetime Christmas movies but I did watch two of them while I am sitting here working.  Hubby is pulling out the Christmas boxes.  I pulled out the new VPH things I bought.  Time for all things Christmas!

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The King's Gift CD by Trace Atkins is my all-time favorite.  Beautiful Celtic music, traditional songs.  His voice is wonderful.

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Re: Christmas Music

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@yellow919:  I'm with you 100%.  IMO, the holiday season doesn't officially start until we've celebrated Thanksgiving. Now, I'm in the mood to listen to Christmas music. I like a variety of music: classical, gospel, Motown, pop, rock, jazz, classic R&B, etc, etc, etc... It's now time to decorate my apartment, put up my trees. Last but not least, binge-watch Christmas movies!!!