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Re: Christina Haack Marries again!

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Tarek has said that they both were at fault for their marriage breaking up, and they both had cheated. He was also dealing with two kinds of cancer and the drugs he had to take to treat him. She jumped very quickly into another marriage with Antstead, had a baby with him, and ended the marriage in a two year period of time. Supposedly he has said he didn't want the divorce. Now she is suddenly married to another guy. Tarek just recently remarried after taking his time to do so. Even though I recognize that it takes two people to dissolve a marriage, I have to admit that I was always turned off by Christina from the moment she had the wind machine on her when she spoke into the camera. She has high maintenance written all over her persona. The El Mousa children are adorable and bright. I enjoy seeing them on the shows. I haven't seen the littlest one.

I feel the same about Christina being high maintenance...

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Re: Christina Haack Marries again!

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Why would anyone name their son "Ant" ?

Her sons are Brayden and Hudson. Her daughter is Taylor. He second husband went by the name of Ant because his last name is Antstead.

@RainCityWoman @Tinkrbl44  His last name is Anstead. First Anthony, I think that’s where Ant comes from. My nephews name is Anthony and we all call him Ant.




Thank you ... I've never heard of Ant used as a nickname.


Seems to me that Christina is the Jennifer Lopez of the HGTV hosts, LOL