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@PickyPicky3 wrote:

On NBC10 in Philadelphia, there were ads about antisemitism and school gun violence during the Chicago shows. Well-produced ads showing the issues with written words, no other images.


Was this just in Philadelphia? Just on NBC?


It must have been national because the same commercials ran here in NOLA during Chicago PD.

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@Tinkrbl44 wrote:


I still watch Chicago Med, but am totally baffled as to why Will is still a central character.  I think he's primarily annoying, and doesn't add much to the show.


Maybe someone here sees the Will character differently?

ICAM @Tinkrbl44 .  He is quite possibly one of the most annoying characters on tv.  He shouldn't even have his medical license anymore.

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I only watch CHI MED and get annoyed when the intermingled episodes air. I love this show, especially Oliver Pratt (Dr Charles). Heart



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Chicago Med did not record the netire episode on my tivo. I will watch it this weekend on Peacock. 


My favorite of the Chicago shows is PD. The new addition to the cast has made the show better. the actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Dante Torres is what the show needed.