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Chesapeake Shores

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New season (season 6) on the Hallmark Channel starts on August 14. Not sure if I am going to continue watching. I was recording this show and noticied that my DVR has it set to record next week. 


Edited to add - Now that I am aware that this is the last season, I am def going to watch. So glad that Hallmark with wrap up the stories rather than leave us hanging like they did with other Hallmark shows. (Like what they did with Cedar Cove. )

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The commercial said it's the final season. I'll finish watching the series.

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It is the final season. I think the fact that they were not on during the season in 2020 and came back with some different cast members because some of the original members were either not able to return or did not want to --it perhaps was going in a way that the remaining cast did not want or Hallmark decided it wanted to go in another direction.


I am looking forward to see how it ends. I have enjoyed it when it was on.


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I'm glad they decided to do a final season and tie up these characters lives.  Have really enjoyed this series.

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Thank you so much for mentioning this show!


I'm a big fan of it and will be watching.  Sorry they are ending it with this season.

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Re: Chesapeake Shores

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Oh great!...I really loved this show and will have to go back to the last season to refresh my memory of where it left off...I'm a big fan of Treat Williams, so am happy to see that there will be another season.


Thanks so much for letting us know!



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DH and I got into this either last year, or the year prior when we were stuck at home, and binge watched as much as we could access, but missed the very beginning.  We were both disappointed when we heard it would be ending.  

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I couldn't even get through last night's new episode. Too much dragged out family drama and it's boring, too. I don't know what I was expecting but I won't be watching any more of that. They should have ended this series long ago.  Anyone else watch it?

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Really disappointed with the show this season.  I don't care for any of the storylines. 

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Re: Chesapeake Shores

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Hallmark is trying so hard to be relevant that they seem not to understand that as weak as their prior offerings might have been, it was the more or less mindless, feel good, sameness that drew people in. If people want real drama, social relevance, virtue signaling, homely actors of every ilk and 'taken from the headlines', there are plenty of places to find them. Other than some of the reruns, I never watch Hallmark anymore. There are other channels doing what they used to do and they're at serious risk of becoming superfluous.

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