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If I start watching Chesapeake Shores, will I get left hanging like I did with Cedar Cove (though I was warned) or does it have an ending? It starts today on Hallmark M&M

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Chesapeake Shores was supposed to have had a season this year but due to coronavirus it was pushed and there is supposed to be a season next year.

(This is what I have read). Also two of the actresses had children within the last year so that might have added to their pushing to another year.

I felt that Cedar Cove was left hanging without an ending, too.

There are a few shows in the past that I started watching and then for some reason or another the powers that be decided to just stop them and there is never any conclusion. 

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Thanks, @msgb . I'll give it  a try. I never get to see a lot of these shows because I go to bed very early and just can't stay awake. I can't seem to break that habit. I guess due to Covid they are running some of these older movies and series.

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On Barbara Niven's FB page she said they were going to start shooting in the spring. The show will air at the ususal time in the summer.