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For those who are missing thePeanuts holiday shows, Apple TV gave them to PBS to show, at least for this year.  Sunday at 7:30 PBS will show " A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ."  At least that's the time on my cable system. 

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I checked PBS Sunday night schedule at 730 for my area, but not listed. Darn !!!!!!!!!

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 @sann Me too, d a m n it! I've looked Sat. and Sun. from a.m. to late night and nothing here on our PBS station. I am so ticked, I wanted to record it.

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I have it in my area Sunday night, but we have a number of  PBS channels.

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@QVCkitty1 And the Christmas one is going to air on PBS December 13th at 7:30pm. Smiley Happy

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I think I also read that the Apple App is free from Nov 25-27 and I thought it mentioned they were showing the Charlie Brown show.

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I've got Dish and have PBS stations from two different cities. One is showing Charlie Brown at 6:00pm Sunday, the other PBS station doesn't have it listed at all. That's a shame ... all of the PBS stations should be showing it.

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Thanks--found it for Sunday at 7:30.

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I have 2 PBS stations because I get the PBS station from Georgia and one from South Carolina, since I live on the border of both states.  Lucky me, lol.  I see "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on both channels and will be watching it (and recording it for future viewing.....shaking my booty, lol)!!!