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@CelticCrafter wrote:

I don't know how old I thought he was or should be but I didn't think it was 86!

Like you , i had no idea , he was anywhere close to that age. Time really marches on , he hadn't been in the spotlight for quite a while , so maybe that is why .

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@beach-mom wrote:



Great actor, very under rated! I remember him in Rosemary's Baby, and he was hilarious in Seems like old times with Goldie and Chevy....

@CANDLEQUEEN - I never saw Rosemary's Baby, but Seems Like Old Times is one movie I can watch again and again. 


So true. LOVED it.He was just a natural. You'd never know he was acting.



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Aw that is sad. I had no idea he was 86! I loved him in all the Beethoven movies!

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Thanks for your characteristically thorough overview of Charles Grodin's career, @Johnnyeager !   So sorry to hear of this, he was a delight.


Love his dry humor, and that zany undercurrent he had.  He and Dyan Cannon were brilliant in "Heaven Can Wait",  just brilliant.


She, as the wealthy businessman's "dissatisfied" (and coincidentally, murderous, wife), and he, Grodin, as her husband's soft-spoken, black-hearted, male secretary, also bent on murder and winning Dyan, a presumably consolable widow....


Chuckling as I remember that.  He was a wonderful, ingenious, hilarious performer.

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Grodin was the best. A wonderful actor and straight man. 

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He did an odd little movie with Martin Short called Clifford. My younger son loved that movie, I think he thought Martin was a kid. He was a wonderful actor. Goldi Hawn posted a photo of them in their movie together.

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Re: Charles Grodin Passing

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For whatever reason, I keep thinking of today's actors as they looked way back, many years ago, when they were much younger. 


Where has my time gone, anyway.


RIP, Mr. Grodin.  I've always thought of you as you looked in the posted photo.  


Sending peaceful and heartfelt thoughts to your family and friends. Heart

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I felt bad when I heard this news.  Charles Grodin was a talented actor whether comedy or drama.  RIP Mr. Grodin.