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Sorry to hear this.  Such a good actor.  Enjoyed his talk show years ago, too.

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When I read the post header the first thing I thought of was his smile. I can't remember him not smiling (unless it was in a role of course.) RIP

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Oh, I really liked him too. I agree that he was underrated. Yes...Rosemary's Baby. I was so hoping he was going to help Rosemary!! One of my favorite movies!! He will be missed.

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@Pearlee wrote:

@Johnnyeager. How about crediting the source if your likely copyrighted material that you copied?


@CANDLEQUEEN  Loved him in Heaven Can Wait. I remember his talk show -- does anyone else?


He was an offbeat character. I think he listened to his own drummer.

The talk show was on one of the cable channels - CNBC ???

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One of my favorites.  Loved him in Midnight Run.  

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I don't know how old I thought he was or should be but I didn't think it was 86!

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I just loved him, in Dave and lots of other movies and TV.  I always thought he and Bob Newhart would be a perfect pair in a situation comedy. If they were I don't remember it.





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@lulu1 wrote:

Both my husband and I loved him.  The Heartbreak Kid is a classic. Truthfully I was surprised he was 86.

That's the movie I think of when I think of him.  It was so funny, so much better (I thought) than the remake.


I think he always looked a lot younger than he was.  I remember being shocked when at some point, I read he was "fifty-something".  I couldn't believe it, because I thought he still looked like he was in his thirties.

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Great actor, very under rated! I remember him in Rosemary's Baby, and he was hilarious in Seems like old times with Goldie and Chevy....

@CANDLEQUEEN - I never saw Rosemary's Baby, but Seems Like Old Times is one movie I can watch again and again. 

I can also watch Dave over and over - it's one of my favorites. I just saw it again two nights ago.


Like @blueroses47  I had no idea he was in his 80's.


I've seen a lot of his other movies too. He was a funny guy with that "dry" sense of humor.


 I am really sad about this. 

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"Midnight Run" is one of my most favorite movies.  He was the best!  Sorry to hear this.