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Celtic Thunder Mythology Tour

Ryan, Emmett and Colm were here in Denver last nite promoting the tour. My DH & I have not missed a concert and donate to PBS to get our tickets. They are performing in 2 locations far outside the Denver area. They did 3 performances in Colorado and all sold out last year. I checked their website and saw no performances in Calif. Is Sharon trying to ruin this group? I pre-ordered Mythology from Amazon and last nite they talked about more footage on the PBS DVD. She certainly has the right to sell different copies to whomever she pleases, but it doesn't do a thing for a long time fan like me. Feel bad for PBS as well. In our area, there won't be as many pledging if the concerts are so far away and the venue's are smaller. I will pledge, but not as much since I won't be going to a concert.