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I would love your recommendations for a Card Making kit geared towards beginners.


This is a craft I'm very interested in - not to mention I'm a "card sender" so I would love to send beautiful hand crafted cards to friends and family.


Thank you so much,

Have a wonderful day!


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I like the Anna Griffin kits from HSN and have bought several of the configuations. If you like the romanic, Victorian, old-fashioned look they are the best and they are fool-proof.  HSN has several others options too, with different looks and themes.

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I, too, enjoy Anna Griffin's card making kits.  They are elegant and upscale but very easy to put together.  As you progress in your cardmaking skills, your inner creativity will come out and you will start adding your own touches.  Another great site is Paperwishes.  They have lots of kits as well as individal coordinating papers and embellishments.  Paperwishes also has webisodes where they demonstrate how to use their products. Once you start, you'll be hooked and there's nothing better than sending a unique homemade card. Enjoy your new hobby.  docsgirl

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Another fan of the Anna Griffin kits on HSN.  Everything she offers is so elegant!!!!  The recipients of your cards will be in awe of your efforts!!!!

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HSN has many kits to try. I do love Anna's kits but there are others geared to beginners as well. 3 birds, hot off the press and inspired style are all basic easy card kits. There are sites as well that sell card kits like Craftsy which also offers video lessons. I love to make cards and it is a real creative outlet. Good luck on your search and enjoy your cards.

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Another vote for Anna Griffin's cards.