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The new season of Call the Midwife begins tonite for anyone interested.

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Vry excited.  It's one of my favorites

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Thanks for the reminder, otherwise may have forgot about it.
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@Catch71   Thanks, didn’t know that.

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@Catch71 Oh, thanks for the timely reminder.  This is one of my favorites on PBS.  Love almost all of the British shows/series.

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@Catch71  I had it schedule to tape already but I forgot all about it. Thanks for your reminder. One of my favorites also.

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I wish posters would double check to be sure there are not already threads about certain topics!  I posted this several days ago:


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Looking forward-DH and I love Call the Midwife.  Marked my calendar weeks ago.Heart

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I have my tissues ready!  This series is excellence in TV viewing without a doubt.

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The best part is that many of the stories come from the series of books by the same name, and are based in fact.