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Call The Midwife

Decided to watch this show tonight.  It is really good.  Sad but good.

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Re: Call The Midwife

You will not be disappointed, it is an excellent series with superb acting and settings.  Yes, there are many sad episodes but I always keep a box of tissues nearby knowing a few tears will be shed!!!  It is such a wonderful series and has many fans on the forums.  I hope you can catch up with past seasons.  Enjoy!!

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Re: Call The Midwife

So glad Trixie is back! Love her.

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Re: Call The Midwife

I noticed they are not dwelling on the birth scenes anymore, and other medical issues which I can't recall right now-it figures! Anyway, I like it this way much better altho I'm sure not many will have even noticed. But I sure did-with relief! Love this show.