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Just watched.  Oh my.  It was a wonderful way to write Phil out, and a great tribute to Leslie Jordan.  

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Wow.  I'd never heard of this show. 

But since I like your continued "gentle spirit" here, @MamaWick I'm going to check it out.


Looks like it's on the 3rd Sets of episodes.  Guess I missed a bunch already.


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@MamaWick - yes, I saw it too!  I love that show and I always loved Leslie Jordan!  A beautiful ending for him and it made me cry at the end.  What a wonderful tribute to him!  Heart


He was such a hoot on Will & Grace as Beverly Leslie.  He and Megan Mullally played so well off each on that on that show. 


Still can't believe he's gone and will miss him!  He lived life to the fullest!  He was such a hoot on Instagram too!  

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@MamaWick Thanks for your post.  I record that show and so I watched it after reading this thread.

The show always ends with the cast breaking character and coming on (dancing on?)

for a bit of a curtain call.  This served them very well in being able to say a sincere goodbye to Leslie.  I never knew he had dueted with Dolly Parton.  That song was absolutely perfect for the tribute.

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Yes, this was such a warm, moving, heartfelt tribute to Leslie Jordan. Very well done. The actor that plays Max was emotional at the end while they were talking about Leslie, you could tell that whole cast loved and cared for him a lot. 

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I loved Leslie Jordan. But oddly enough I've never watched him in any of the television shows he was in. I, like many others, came to know him via his hilarious Instagram posts that he ramped up when the pandemic started. I feel he truly brought comfort and certainly loads of laughter to so many via that platform...and it was sorely needed. I loved his famous opening line that he used so often,  "Well, hello fellow hunker downers." I can still hear him say it. 😞


I am so sad that he is no longer here. His death was shocking. He was taken far too soon. Leslie was so unique and so funny...and the world is a sadder place without him in it.    




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I DVR this show every week, and just watched this one a little while ago...loved the tribute to Leslie Jordan so much that I went back & watched it again. Perfect sendoff! He will be missed.