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as many of you know, there have been several threads on the discussion of dissing cable for a Roku or whathave you. I went to Cox today telling them I wanted to drop my TV and landline and the guy asked me why. I said, the cost is rediculious and I just don't want to pay it anymore on principal alone. He asked who else lived in the household and I told him just my husband and myself. He told me not to cancel until the month after my contract expired because Cox gives a $100 credit and after that point he will put change the account into my husbands name which would make him a new customer and eligible for the new customer discounts. All said and done, I now get extra, nationwide calling, voicemail, sports pack, bonus pack and two premium channels all for $65 plus taxes less a month than what i was paying. DH was happy with that and said next year we can change it back to mine and I will be the new customer again as with Cox you only have to be disconnected for 3 months to qualify. So for any of you that have Cox, give this a try!