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CHER For the Win!

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In an interesting decision yesterday,  State marital asset settlements prevailed over Federal copyrights.


In their divorce agreement,  Cher was given 50% of Sonny's music residuals.  But Sonny's widow, Mary, stopped payments saying that Federal copyright laws gave his heirs 100% control of the residuals.  Cher immediately sued.


In a decision issued yesterday after the lengthy litigation,  a Federal judge ruled that Cher legally retains 50% residuals rights under the divorce settlement and is owed about $418,000 in back payments and retains 50% of future payments.  The royalties primarily involve "I Got You Babe" and "The Beat Goes On."  Mary, of course, could appeal.


Go Cher!



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Yes, Go Cher!!!!!

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A sensible and just decision.  Both she and Sonny were the co-creators of their music.

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It's only fair she gets what she deserves, they were a great team.

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As it should be. Mary shouldn't be so greedy.  

IMO since Sonny is gone Cher should recieve 100% of it.

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This makes me happy. Cher was just as much a co-creator of their music as Sonny was. I'm glad she's regained what's rightfully hers.  Go Cher!  Love ya!

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Re: CHER For the Win!

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This took longer than it should have to litigate. Mary's attorneys complicated the provisions of a divorce agreement by trying to bring in the Federal Copyright Act.


Someone said Cher was "co-creator" of that music; she was not. Sonny wrote everything and he held the rights to those songs. He gave 50% to Cher in perpetuity when they divorced. That may have been given to her by Sonny in lieu of something else, or maybe in lieu of a larger sum of money. Therefore, a decision in Mary's favor would've been extremely unfair to Cher. I'm glad she won. Sonny's music is everywhere (I hear The Beat Goes On...Entresto...almost daily), and it must've killed her to hear it, knowing that he wanted her to benefit from it.



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Sonny, tho divorced from her, was always fond of her & took care of her in marriage & professionally. He would have wanted Cher to get what she deserved by his own stated wishes. It should have been clear cut & not a long procedure.
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The divorce settlement split worked smoothly for many, many years.


For whatever reason, someone got into Mary's ear and advised her to go after everything.


Mary, that's very, very greedy.  Be content with what you have, which is substantial and significant. 


I liked seeing this avarice shut down.



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It was the right decision.  Mary tried to steal off Cher's plate and assumed she'd just let it go but Cher wasn't having any of that.