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Dang it - my morning news guy just gave it an “F” grade. And, all these bad reviews are still only kind of making me want to see it more!!

I’ve only seen the stage show once, when I was in 7th/8th grade. I know that 5 years ago, the show was added as entertainment on the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas - Andrew Lloyd Weber wouldn’t allow any changes and I understand people walked out in droves after intermission (and sometimes before!). They kept it on after the ship was recently refurbished (to many complaints), but I understand they were able to finally shorten it. People who like it say that those who don’t just don’t understand and people should research the show and/or read the actual poems before you go. Which, IMO, is ridiculous!
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It could be fun to see the movie with the right attitude and right crowd. Mommie Dearest turned into a must see experience after terrible reviews!
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@Witchy Woman wrote:



Just watching the commercial for it that has been running gives me the willies.


I've seen the play twice and hated it both times.


Yes, I'm probably the ONLY person on earth that feels this way, but I'm confessing it here Cat LOL  And I adore cats in real life.


When Grisabella sings, I wanted to run screaming from the theater.


The costuming was grand, but that was it for me.  

@Witchy Woman 


You are not the only person on earth who feels that way. I absolutely hated the live musical. Both my friend and I hated it. I love musical theater and have seen most of them and that was the worse one I've ever seen. And if possible, from the previews, this movie looks even worse.

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I love Andrew Lloyd Weber productions so did see Cats in London when it first opened to rave reviews and, sorry to say, was bored with the whole thing.  Friends I was with loved it - but not for me.


Several years later went to see it in U.S. with grand children - hated it - kids loved it.  Intrigued by movie but will give it pass.

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OK, you asked for it...



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I saw the play when it first came out and was not fond of it.  I think the previews of the movie are just creepy.  Big pass for me.