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Re: Burning down the she-shed

I absolutely hate that commercial!  Why oh why is that woman saying someone “burned down” her she-shed when it was actually hit by lightening?  How could you miss a lightening strike in your backyard? Dumb, dumb, dumb!


I understood every word they said, but I just can’t stand to be subjected to it. Definitely a channel changer. 

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Re: Burning down the she-shed


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If I had a she-shed,  I would be happy if they came to put out my fire too😂😂😂!



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Re: Burning down the she-shed

Those guys would start their own fire!

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Re: Burning down the she-shed

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The only thing I found odd about that commercial is they are standing there watching it burn and doing nothing before the firemen get there. Wouldn't you think one of them would have grabbed a hose and starting watering it down?

Take a closer look, @RainCityWoman .  Cheryl's husband is holding a limp hose with a few drizzles of water coming out.  It extremely symbolic of the poor henpecked husband he obviously is.  I absolutely hate that commercial.

Really? I didn't see that.