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Yes!  It's part of my Amazon Prime package.  I watch Britbox everyday, I'm watching Shakespeare & Hathaway right now.  If it weren't for Acorn TV and Britbox, I wouldn't watch much tv at all.  

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I'm so glad someone brought this up, as we are going to ditch Comcast/Xfinity and I desperately want Brit Box.


Someone here indicated that if you have Amazon Prime, you can get Brit Box.  I believe I saw that stated on one or another Amazon sites.  However, they don't tell you what you need, what you need to do, how to get started, etc.


If someone reading this has Brit Box via Amazon Prime, would you kindly chime in and provide me with some info?  I'd really, really appreciate it.  If I can't come up with information, my husband won't move on it, as he does not watch tv - he has his nose in his computer all day.  Due to a back injury and really severe sciatic pain, I've been flat on my back for 5 and a half months now.  Don't know what I'd do without my recliner and tv.  However, Comcast has just recently removed TCM (subscribe only now) and a number of other channels, so really would like to bring Brit Box on board.


Thanks so much!!!

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To get Britbox you need a TV or device to access apps on the TV. A smart TV, Fire Stick/Cube, Roku (I'd go for the Roku personally) or other streaming device. You can do it via a computer if you don't mind connecting your computer to the TV each time you want to stream something, but something like a Roku is far easier. You'll have to pay the $5.99 (I think) monthly fee for Britbox no matter how you watch it. It doesn't come free even with Amazon Prime. 


Why do I prefer a Roku? Amazon doesn't post stuff to Britbox immediately when Britbox makes it available. Last year Britbox did live broadcasts from the Chelsea Flower Show and many other flower shows and it would take Amazon anywhere from one to three days before they'd post the video through their site while those with Roku's or other streamers got it immediately. Amazon does something to video offered through their Fire Sticks/Cubes and Fire TV's rather than just pop it up immediately. They tweak it in some manner and that takes time. Roku and the other streaming services just send it out as it comes in.


I bought a Roku and canceled my Britbox subscription through Amazon and then resubscribed through the Roku simply so I could see the flower shows live. I was getting very, very annoyed with Amazon. They couldn't/wouldn't tell me when the shows would be available and said they weren't set up to handle live Britbox feeds. Another advantage to getting Britbox through a non-Amazon subscription is that you can access it from any device that way. If you get it through Amazon, you can only access it through an Amazon device. Even though you're subscribed they have some sort of an agreement with Britbox that prevents you from watching it on other devices. Your log-in information won't work if you try to watch Britbox directly from their site on a computer or other device.


In my experience, your best bet is to get a Roku (they're pretty cheap especially with the holidays coming up) and hook it up to your HDTV. (Simply plug in the HDMI cable to both and then plug the Roku into a power outlet and connect it to your wifi.) Then subscribe to Britbox either through their website or the Roku. Then sit back and enjoy it. 


A Roku is absurdly easy to use. Mine even switches the TV to the correct input all by itself when I press the home button on the Roku remote. Their remote is a very simple little device with just a few buttons and you can't go too far wrong. I highly recommend them. The only negative is mine tends to get a bit warm if you use it for long periods, multiple hours in a row, so putting it someplace with good airflow is helpful.

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I must explain my delayed response.  I'm currently experiencing severe sciatic pain since May 20th, which makes sitting extremely painful, thus I find I'm only able to get onto my laptop about once a week or so.  Please know I do value all of your opinions.


Rebecca  XXX