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I am SO waiting for Bridgerton and Sandition as well to continue in a few months.

  I think the popularity may have surprised the creators.

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Re: Bridgerton and Sandition

I haven't watched Bridgerton, but I absolutely love Sanditon. The next season doesn't start until Springs 2023. I always dvr shows so I have reached both season 1 and 2 many times. I did say I love the story! I was so surprised at the end of ep. 6 that Charlotte was engaged to Ralph! I'm guessing that won't continue. It's a long wait until 2023!

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Re: Bridgerton and Sandition

I agree, I loved Bridgerton.  I haven't seen Sandition but am now curious and will look it up.  I also love Outlander but finding I am getting bored with it, if you can believe that.

Bridgerton was new and excting!   

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Re: Bridgerton and Sandition

I read the Bridgerton series years and years ago, and I just got the audio books out at the library to start over (you can download for free onto your iPhone), and Rosslyn Landor is a wonderful narrator. The books are great. 

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Re: Bridgerton and Sandition

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My sister and I have become big Sanditon fans.  I actually just bought season 1 to refresh my memory on some of the episodes. The first episode of season 2 ,we had to adjust to the Sydney character not in the story line, but we did adjust once we got into the episodes.  I am loving Alexander, the actor has an interesting face and his storyline is interesting.  Can't wait for Season 3. I think part of the reason I like this show, is that it was in some ways a simpler time. I loved the dancing at the ball in season 2.

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Re: Bridgerton and Sandition

I enjoyed season 2 of Bridgerton.  Looking forward to more.


Sanditon is my favorite.  Could watch that endlessly.


FYI - Virgin River is coming back soon.

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Re: Bridgerton and Sandition

I'm still waiting on poor Queen Victoria to return that's been 2 yrs.