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The picture is very recent. He was spotted coming out of his Manhattan apartment by the Daily Mail. There are a couple of pictures.

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@Queen of shop  I have no clue what he's working on.  I really don't follow all the Hollywood stuff other than what I happen to stumble on.  Maybe you are right though!  🤞🏻

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@LdyBugz wrote:

Not a flattering pic.  My dreams are shattered!  LOL!




He's playing Leonard Bernstein in a movie.  

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I don't think he's anything to look at on his good days, but we all have bad days and this is just a bad pic.  

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@Mz iMac wrote:

That pic reminds me when I went to my 30th year high school reunion.  This runway model stud walked in the door w/his equally looking runway model wify arm & arm.  All the females were like....

Ohhhhh!.gifat him & the guys were like....

WTF.gifat wify.


Turns out the guy was the "nerd" nobody paid any attention too.  He looked worse than that BC pic.  Turn out wify was an ex-Swedish model, happily married w/3 children, lives abroad, retired early & a multimillionaire.

I think a few of the teachers who attended the reunion fainted. Smiley LOL

Late bloomer!  I was in that club, too.  The high school years can be tough.

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I've never understood what all the fuss was about - just never found him great looking.

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Bradley Cooper is my baby's daddy!  The man is Fine!!!


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I've always considered him intellectually attractive when listening to him during interviews.

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He's casual because he's just hanging out in his neighborhood.

His hair reflects his current role: composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein.

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@Queen of shop wrote:

@LdyBugz  Isn't Bradley making a movie about Leonard Bernstein? Maybe this picture is from portraying Bernstein in his youth? I dunno?

@Queen of shop   When I saw the photo, the accompanying text said it was at his place where he was having a few people in for his girlfriend Huma Abedin's  birthday a few days ago and it was really hot that day. I think Anna Wintour was there too because I thought to myself I wonder what SHE thinks of what he's wearing.