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Bosch Season 6 - New

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Starts airing on Prime today (4/17) ... 


At long last ...  I''ve been waiting for this!



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Me tooHeart

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Me three! Love the show.

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It is such a good series, we have been waiting not so patiently for this new season to come out.  And we will probably marathon through it this weekend.  10 episodes - YAY!

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@SoX  I was happy to see it back last night!

We watched one episode.

I was hoping it would be as good as earlier shows.

We tried to stay with Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton, but it went really weird.

I wish that they hadn't killed of Eleanor, but other than that it is such a good show.

The cast is amazing. Maddie, J Edgar, Lt Billets, Honey & my personal favorites Det. Johnson & Det. Moore. 

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@SoX  OMG!  This is one of my very favorite shows!


I didn't realize there was going to be new one's.


I'll be sure to tell some of the (mainly guys) I know who also love this show.


ThanksSmiley Happy

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i think it's the last season.


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Bosch is SO HANDSOME! I've been waiting for it to come back so it looks like a great Binge Weekend. This is the 6th Season and it has been renewed for a 7th and FINAL season.

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@SoX @QPrincess @10sluvr @annabellethecat @Dusty1 



We are watching Season 6 and loving it still.

When you've got great actors, it's hard to fail!

Good to know that there will still be one more season after this!

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@LTT1   My dear you have excellent taste for loving Bosch and so do we!