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I know it is just a story but yesterday I was so upset that Liam will not be going back home that I wanted to never watch again  I want so much for someone to tell him the truth that I tried to  Google spoilers but couldnt find any past this week  Does anyone know  what is going to happen  I am so sick of the waiting for weeks and now this  As they say over and over on the Q      I JUST CANT

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Here we go again!  He'll marry Hope then find out what Bill did and then once again he'll leave Hope for Steffy!  That's been done way too much! 

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Sooooooooo tired of this part of the show.  It's really getting old!

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I'm so bothered by this SL that I haven't watched this week......just read spoilers.

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Liam’s always been a dolt and Wyatt looks to be extra gullible too.

(You’d think with Quinn for a mother, he’d be a Little brighter!)

I’m surprised Bill would want to claim either one.  







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one word will describe the latest events    stupid.


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I can't watch this show anymore either.  It's the same plot line day after day, year after year.


Plus, they've made Bill so unlikeable, it's hideous.  He was always smarmy but now he's just evil.


I wish, somehow, they would resurrect Brad Carlton and send Don Diamont back to Y&R.

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You're so right @MathisFan.  Bill has always been mean and unethical but, imo, he's crossed the line.  The writers seem to think that the meaner and more vicious the character, the more interesting they will be to viewers.  In some cases that is correct, I guess.  And I try to understand that because of budget issues, they can't hire a large cast and have to use who they have which means love matches within this little group but your daughter in law?  


Trying to kill Ridge that time.  Now, it appears having one of your sons help you steal the wife of your other son.  And I won't even get into Brooke helping Hope become the next ****** of the valley, lol.

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Probably these lousy storylines are the reason why Kim Matula-Original Hope-left.


Anyway, she is on to bigger and brighter things. 

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Steffy will hate Bill for destroying her marriage and will want nothing to do with him when she finds out what he did.  How did Bill think this would work?