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Black and White (movie)/The Duff/The Loft

Here is my take on these movies:

Black and White starring Kevin Costner... well done, well done and entirely enjoyable for me.


The Duff starring Mae Whitman... (DUFF= Dumpy, Ugly, Fat Friend)  I enjoyed this.  It is predictable, but nice.  It makes a great statement for teens about being your own person.


The Loft really stands out as an artful and edgy movie, after all of the movies we watched during the fourth of July weekend.  This was probably low-budget, but it didn't look it.  There is some weirdness and gore... it is a mystery movie with some twists.  It kept my attention and kept me guessing.  Don't watch this one if you do not like artsy movies.  HTH  add your opinion if you would like to!

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