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We're already there.

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Oh geez, I saw a trailor for this "show" and all I could think of was "trash to the nth degree."

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No Thank-you!

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I'm only saying this because it always makes me laugh, and answers your quesion.


"We've hit the bottom and are now digging."


As with most of these "reality" shows,  I wonder whether we really need to step inside their world.


I know I don't.



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Well, when you don't have any other skills . . . I guess you turn to this.  

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Will Rob Kardashian be appearing in the show?

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I saw her from when she was with Rob K and - just no!  She was very much UNlikable.    I'm not surprised to see her pop up again w/another reality show, though.  

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Re: Blac Chyna reality show

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I'd love to know what exactly her "qualifications or talents" are or were to get a tv show- this is about as low as it can go or at least I think so.  Not even worthy enough of smh.. LOL  

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