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Re: Biography: JFK Jr.-The Final Year

Thank you for this.  I always wondered what happened in John and Carolyn's final year.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Biography: JFK Jr.-The Final Year

I'll never forget when he addressed the Democratic convention ... little John John all grown up.  The room went crazy.


People were so happy to see him, and probably remembered his dad .... and hoped Jr would have a future in politics.  He was so handsome and charismatic.  

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Re: Biography: JFK Jr.-The Final Year

@Tinkrbl44  the documentary implied John was going to run for Governor of New York state. Who knows where he would be today if his life hadn't been so tragically cut short.

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Re: Biography: JFK Jr.-The Final Year

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Thanks @Jordan2 for bringing this to our attention!


I plan on watching this tonight!...I was totally mesmerized by JFK, Jr...He had such appeal and was so charismatic and there was just that special something about him that drew you to him...He also came across as being a very warm and caring person.


Just one example....I was so impressed at how well he handled all of the limelight surrounding him and I recall an incident where he lost his temper with the papparazzi which was perfectly understandable...However, afterwards, he actually apologized to them which, in my opinion, they didn't deserve... but it showed a part of his personality where he felt that  it was necessary for him to do so...classy guy!


 I always enjoyed hearing about his life and was especially curious as to his future endeavors.


Sounds like a great documentary that was very well done, so I'm looking very forward to watching it tonight.


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Re: Biography: JFK Jr.-The Final Year

I read Carolyn's family sued and got over 15 million from the Kennedys.

 So sad,  i thought they made a beautiful couple.