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Billboard Award Performances

I thought the Jonas Bros. put on a really good performance, actually I was surprised at the one song being their hit.  Kelly Clarkson never disappoints and Madonna with the spanish rapper was interesting.  Did you have any favorites?  Cat Happy

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Re: Billboard Award Performances

I didn't watch the whole show. Saw clips today.

I watched the last half hour or so.


Paula Abdul put on a great performance Like her music, used to

rollerskate to her hits in late 80's.


Mariah so fake, used to like her when she first made it big.

Can't stand when she says, oh, darling.

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Re: Billboard Award Performances

I wasn't going to watch but did. I thought Paula Abdul stole the show. She will be 57 in June, she looks great and can still dance. Who cares if she wasn't singing live, it seems no one does anymore.

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Re: Bvillboard Award Performances

I was put off some by all the taped one was really singing....kind of ruined it for me. 

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Re: Billboard Award Performances

Cardi B is a hoot even when she is not performing.  She has clearly knocked-toppled Niki Minaj off her throne.

Even though she did not perform, she had on a different outfit for each award she won!!! Smiley LOL


Mariah sang live.   Her performance was typical Mariah.   Her 5th octive was on point (almost).  Her gown not so much.  Looked as if she stuffed herself in it.


The only performance I really liked was that Asian group near the end of the show.  Their choreography needed a little polish.  I loved their energy & the song beat even though I didn't understand a word they were singing. Smiley LOL


Was never a Paula Abdul fan.  I do remember her when she was a Lakers cheerleader. Smiley Tongue


Not a Drake fan.


Madonna - the only thing I liked about her performance was her holograms.  They outdid the real thing.  Amazing!!!!!!


Ciara's video of her latest song is better than that live performance she gave.


That girl performer who started the show had on a pretty performance outfit.


I did not recognize Jennifer Hudson except for her voice.

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Re: Billboard Award Performances

The part that I watched was all lip syncing, so that's not a true performance to me. I missed Paula Abdul, would have liked to see that. I read that she threw her hat into the audience and it hit Julianne Hough in the neck. She's wearing a neck brace.

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Re: Billboard Award Performances

We watched last night.  The Asian group is BTS.  My daughters watch BECAUSE of BTS.  We thought it was amazing that a goup that does not sing in English wins for best duo /group.  We have watched them (because of our daughters) for at least a year.  They are very talented and very deserving of the award.  (And very nice and respectful also..)

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Re: Billboard Award Performances

Paula Abdul was my favorite and looks great!  I forgot how many good songs she had.  I saw her live in concert  back in her heyday and her dancing was fabulous.  Didn't care for Madonna's song or perfomance.  I did enjoy Marah's performance though also.