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After a few months of isolation I think I've watched just about everything on cable (that might be slight exaggeration). 


I've watched several episodes of "Big Texas Fix". It's another flip show, but it is centered on older, historical homes in Galveston. They focus on restoration (kind of like Rehab Addict) and I absolutely love looking at these beautiful homes.


What I am struggling with is my annoyance at the female host. She's just one of those people that rub me the wrong way, don't know why. So far I've managed to ignore her so I can enjoy these unique houses. In my opinion they do a pretty good job too on the restorations. 

Perhaps she will grow on me Smiley Very Happy


Are there any other older/historical home restoration shows you recommend? In the middle of the night once I caught a show that had Darryl Hall (Hall & Oates) overseeing the restoration on a very old, historical home. Haven't seen that one again though!



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