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I've never watched this show before.  I think it's been on for a long time.  It's celebrity...I know of Todd and Carson and that's it.  LOL  Oh and Lamar. 


I can't understand ... although these reality shows showing people's personalities is interesting, to a point.  But I won't watch any of the others. 


I'm more into movies.  LOL


Wonder how many watch this a lot or for many years it's been on.  

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The show is okay. The live feeds are what makes BB special. On most reality shows (The Amazing Race, Survivor, etc.) you get about 48 minutes of what happened (one-hour show minus commercials, intro, outro, etc.) You don't really get to know who anyone is. You see what the producers want you to see and nothing else. With BB and the live feeds, you get to see behind the curtain. You get to see who these people really are. You get to see what really goes on. How they really behave. What they're really like.


The cast for Survivor 42 (starting next Wednesday) has eighteen players. On Survivor, you might get 40-42 minutes (or so) of actual time to see the players interacting as you get a lot of Jeff Probst chattering on about things. Eighteen players and 40-42 minutes of time mean each person gets very limited airtime. There are players on Survivor you forget are even there as the only time you see them is in the group comps. You'll see more of a player on the Big Brother live feeds in an hour than you might see in a whole season of Survivor.


Big Brother has a huge following online with multiple sites (Hamsterwatch, Jokers Updates, and others) largely devoted to it. Versions air in most countries with Canada's BB kicking off tonight. It's like a living soap opera playing out before your very eyes. Alliances form, dissolve, reform. Romances start up, fade, rekindle, implode. (Oddly, BB has more lasting marriages than the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Go figure!) Friendships develop as do enemies. It's a great social experiment to watch sixteen strangers (typically) interact and try to survive and end up with $750,000 as the winner. 


In recent seasons it's been less about winning and more about messaging and building a social media following which detracts from the game. But it's still better than most reality shows.

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I started watching when the first season started, I found it to be a fascinating premise.  It is aired several nights a week, which makes it hard to keep up with, and I'm not sure if it's changed, but you used to have to pay to watch the live feeds, and I really don't have the time or $$ for that.


Interesting factoid:  Jamie Kern Lima, who started It Cosmetics, was on the first season, as was Doctor Will (can't remember his last name), who was on QVC as an OAP for Strivectin for a while.


I remember watching it the season when 9/11 happened, and the people in the BB house had no idea.  After a day or two, they finally told the participants.  One of them had a cousin (I believe) who died in the Twin Towers and he left the show. 


I stopped watching when it got to be just a bunch of people promoting themselves, but I did catch some of the recent Celebrity Big Brother, since I did know a lot of the celebrities, and the season wasn't as long as the regular BB.