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I don't know if it's been mentioned here yet but this season of Amazing Race is going to be an all star cast including several members from Big Brother. Janelle and Britney, Rachel Reilly and her sister, Nicole and Victor are some of the teams listed. The show premiers April 17 on CBS. 

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I'll be watching. I'll be rooting for the Britney/Janelle team. I think they might hang around a while as Britney joked she'd have to get used to wearing the same color outfit for a long time.

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Weird cast.  Mostly from TAR and many retreads.


Here's the cast:


Only two from Survivor and one is Rupert and his wife (boooo).


I'm also Team Janelle & Britney!

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Rupert and his wife woohoo !!! yay cant wait!

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I love the Amazing Race & can't wait for next Wednesday but I'm disappointed that the cast is retreads...really have no interest in seeing any of those people again but I'll watch anyway.