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Re: Big Brother 21!!!! Houseguest Reveal Day!!!

I have to agree with G'man and Granny77 that this house is not one of the better we've seen. I keep thinking back to the season (18 or 19?) where the bathroom was so pretty with the big layered glass mirrors up on the wall. I still covet that heart-shaped mirror every time I think about it! I know this isn't CBB but that room--not sure what it's called but it's the one where Paul did his coffee chats with the camera--was so pretty for CBB. Now it's a place I'd sooner avoid than go into for a heart-to-heart as Julie put it.

Oh my gosh, I sound so negative but it's the whole darn house! The kitchen isn't good, the living room, even the HOH bedroom isn't luxurious at all. Was that bathroom sink wooden? Maybe it was just made to look like wood, but yuck! If I had to choose one thing I like best, other than the backyard, I guess maybe it would be the dining room table with the fire pit in the middle. As I was watching the tour I just kept thinking it reminded me of The Camp Fire Girls, even though I never was one, and then Julie showed the merit badges and I laughed out loud.


The good news is that even with the questionable decorations we still have 16 new houseguests and get to meet them soon! Once the season gets going, and there's clothes and dirty dishes laying around, we'll forget all about the interior designer who needs to be fired immediately--jk! 


I noticed as Julie was pretending to shoot one the arrows the pointy part had been removed so that's one less worry. Now we just have to hope they burn the place down with fire pit. 


@Granny77 , thank you for mentioning me, you're always so sweet! I can't believe it's been a year already and we're here for a new season. I hope it will be a good one--camp theme and all! Smiley Happy


I guess it could have been worse Man Very Happy


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