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When we criticize another woman, why do we have to mention her physical 

appearance and her ability to get a man?

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Bethany is a tortured soul and yes, she definitely has her faults but if I had to film and interact with Luann, I would have reached my boiling point way before Bethany did.  I've had a strong dislike for Luann since practically the first episode.  I do wish her well in her recovery.

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She has a beautiful daughter, lives in the greatest city in the world, has about 200 million dollars in the bank, and answers to no one. Just because she’s intolerant of her fellow cast mates on a semi-scripted reality show doesn’t mean she’s miserable. Miserable would be looking for reasons to bash a stranger on a home shopping message board.

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I think she's generous and charitable (yes, charitable) brilliant and shrewd.

I like her style, her face and her ARROGANCE suits me just fine. 




Betthany has been through the  hell and keeps on keeping on....she's not MENTAL - she's HUMAN.

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Re: Bethany Frankel

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@Peaches McPhee wrote:

When we criticize another woman, why do we have to mention her physical 

appearance and her ability to get a man?

Probably because for many women, these are considered to be central aspects to being a woman...


As for Bethenny, like most of us, she's flawed... Who knows if she's as brash in real life as she portrays herself... To me, that's her one seeming attribute that would get very old very fast... 

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@jellyBEAN wrote:

@countrylady wrote:

Somebody please report what happens in tonight's show. 

For some reason my cable is not receiving Bravo.

Thank you!

Here's the lo down:  Soon after Bethenny's outburst at Luann she was led away from the table to calm down.  Thereafter she returned and made an apology to Luann about losing her mind and flying off the handle. 


Luann was shown in a recording studio singing a couple of new songs.  One was about JOVANI.  Too funny.  Dorinda who used to be an aerobics instructor in the '80's, got together all the girls for an 80's style aerobics class for charity.  They all came in their leg-warmers and headbands, etc...Silly stuff.  Tinsley's dog was diagnosed w/cancer and the outcome of the dog's treatments was not successful.  She had a very bad breakdown and I felt for her, but honestly she is very childlike.  And she's 43!!


Barbara is still hanging in and trying to be part of the group.  The others are trying to be more accepting of her, but all seems very awkward.  Ramona is Ramona, man crazy as usual and missing what she had w/Mario.  Sonja was back to being her free wheeling self and the voice of reason after her meltdown last week. 


And that's it in a nutshell.

OMG-talk about MEAN girls-I  had to take a shower...

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Most of you have awfully strong negative opinions about someone you don't even know. It would be nice if we could give her the benefit of the doubt and treat her as we would like to be treated.Smiley Happy